Tuesday, October 10, 2006

WINNER - Havana Couch - DWR

Ok, so, I finally found the Winner Sofa! And you'll never believe the story, but before I delve into it, let me first say that this couch is one of the FEW (very few) that I had been looking at WELL before the ultimate search began. The main problem was that it didn't fit into my established "couch" criteria (it's currrently selling on dwr.com for $3,000) so I chalked it off the list with disappointment and sadly moved on.

Now, the story begins: after 4 long months of shopping (patience is a virtue) I got a little down. I couldn't choose between the final 3 sofas I had narrowed it down to: The Apt Lounge seemed a little bit too spendy considering I was not all that familiar with the designer and risked it being poorly made; the Bo Concept Indiv 2 was awesome but had a 3 month waiting period (I had waited too long already); and the Case Study Day Bed, a classic, would end up costing me $1,595 + tax ($175) + shipping ($250) = $2,000, going just a little over my already-overextended budget.

After coming to the realization that this search was NOT over but having exhausted a lot of my resources I became curious as to what was out there for sale locally on--meaning, on Craigslist. Well it was not a pretty site let me tell you. Honestly, it was one of the most depressing experiences searching for used couches. Click here and see for yourself ...

Anyway, about ready to click out I did one last search for "modern couches" to narrow it down a bit. Still nothing too good. Although, I did come across this pretty cool little mid-century piece and contemplated calling on it until I noticed this random link: (((((Havana Couch - DWR - $1,400)))))) (or something that looked similar to that). I clicked on it and low 'n behond, there it was, THE HAVANA COUCH I had been wanting and a price that not only fit into my budget but was HALF the sticker price. I figured it probably had stains or broken parts? NOPE. The tags were still on the couch, it was in mint condition, I was the only one interested in the couch thus far, it was located literally 4 miles from my house, NO TAXES and NO SHIPPING -- it was easy and perfect -- and SOLD to the Happiest Lady in So California!!!!!

Oh and did I mention it folds down into a sofa bed?

The Havana Couch It's been a great addition to the household! READ MORE ABOUT IT.

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