Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Ultimate Table

So, I am obsessed with this table I came across called the K-Table made by Mebel Furniture (shown above).

More about this table (via 2modern): "Generous for a table full of guests, yet intimate for a dinner of two.
Built of solid walnut with an offset strip of brilliant orange-red padauk that runs the length of its top. There is a discreet shelf underneath which can be used for storage...Mebel furniture is eco-friendly. The maple and oak is FSC Certified. The walnut comes from sustainable forestry practices. The 100% wool fabric is environmentally certified."

Another note about the table is that it's $3,395.00. At however you can get free shipping and it's also tax free! A pretty AWESOME deal actually.

My current table that I recently purchased from Room and Board, has a walnut top (unlike the linked image) with natural (ash) steel legs giving it an industrial-meets-woodsy feel. I love it and it was $1,00 plus a $100 shipping charge, making it less than half the cost of the Mebel table.


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