Wednesday, December 06, 2006

GIFT IDEAS - Artecnica's Sustainable Products

Featured in Dwell, design web blogs and other mags are Artencnica's sustainable products.

Based in Los Angeles, they are conveniently close by me. In case you are no where near Los Angeles you can always visit artecnica for a full list of their environmentally responsible products such as stationary, lighting, vases, collectibles, and interior and exterior element.

I personally love their mssion statement:
"to seamlessly tie design and social responsibility. Design as a tool to create unequivocally superb objects of utility and beauty must operate in complete harmony with environmental and socially responsible principles. The very survival of humanity relies on the use of design as the intelligent tool that must create its new environment without altering it and without denying humanity itself."

Read this green company's full interview here.

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