Monday, November 27, 2006

Eco Pod - recycling the CLEAN way

Let’s face it, most of us try to be green but if doing so involves evening trips to the crub, some recyclables might secretly make their way into the trash. Enter the Ecopod, a sleek receptacle with a compactor that can easily crunch any plastic or metal containers you could imagine.
There’s room for 50 or more crushed products inside.

Ecopod’s website explain that their “goal was clear: make it cool to recycle and build world-class products that make it simple and rewarding to do so … a lofty goal indeed requiring great partners.”

Ecopod also explains, “The most important pop culture trend today is our increasing focus on the environment. The need to adapt our lives and live a greener, more sustainable life is humanity’s critical success factor. That is why the founders of ecopod left their corporate jobs … to make a difference.”
That being said and with BMW Designworks as their first major customer it’s no debate that ecopod takes recycling to the next level.

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