Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bamboo Bowls - Promote Humane Working Conditions

This has got to be my favorite product (gift) of the month. These bowls are so sleek and stylish yet affordable and sustainable.

Not only are these bowls made from bamboo but they are made BY low-income artisans and farmers and promote humane working conditions and sustainable community practices.

You can purcahse them for as little as $10 - $12 max at

There are other items on the web site including adult and baby clothes made from organic cotton, Olive Wood salad tossers made in Kenya, beautiful handpainted merino wool scarf made in the mountains of Peru and so much more. The colorful bamboo bowls are my particular favorites.

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jenna said...

oh my goodness, now i am going to have to run up my credit card again. thanks =D